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Bolla Bergero Bianco – CTL Consultancy (Corporate Tax and Legal Consultancy) is a firm of specialized chartered accountants and financial professionals, with experience learnt working for the major international consultancy companies (i.e. the “big four”) and national or international Tax/Law firms. Our Partners, after many years of experience together, decided at the end of 2015 to set up a new project – CTL Consultancy – to broaden their range of professional services and introducing innovation.

Our core business is still providing professional tax, accounting, financial and general business consultancy services to large national and international Groups (including listed companies) and SMEs. We also provide general bookkeeping and payroll services through our side firms. In addition, we embrace the latest best business practices, to provide our clients with innovative services, as “open innovation”, and/or helping them to manage their relationship with banks through a software that we developed (with a software designing company).

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