Mayor of company and component of Surveillance committees
Preparation of the models of organization, management and control according to D. Lgs. 231/2001 (Italian anti-corruption law for private entities)
Drafting of company procedures and regulations
Support for the preparation of the documentation required for the quotation Compliance services, also privacy regulations and law 262/2005
Drafting of Corporate governance models
Internal Audit

National and international tax consultancy
Consultancy on ITA GAAP and IFRS GAAP
Assistance in the drafting of financial statements and consolidated ITA GAAP and IFRS GAAP
Tax litigation and ADR to prevent tax disputes with the Italian Tax Authority
Financial, Tax and Legal Due Diligence
Advice on transfer pricing
Patent box, credit for R&D and other corporate tax advantages
Business reorganization operations through extraordinary finance operations
Management and protection of personal assets
Outsourcing of undertakings abroad
National interlocutors and international ruling
Business assessment and appraisal and impairment test

Business reorganization, restructuring and debit consolidation plans
Concerted and extrajudgements with creditors
Liquidation (or liquidation assistance) of companies and entities
Office technical consultancy
Appraisals on behalf of the Prosecutor
Part technical advice (in civil and criminal proceedings)
Estimation appraisals
Bankruptcy Administrator, Judicial Commissioner, Liquidator Commissioner, Judicial liquidator in bankruptcy proceedings
Professional delegate to sales in execution

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